Esky Safrash
Esky’s practise gravitated around performance art, poetry and object making. After graduating from a Fine Art BA in London, his practice shifted towards experimental jewellery manufacturing; where ESKY SAFRASH truly came to life; a diverse cultural heritage, a bridge within an eastern realm of picking Safran petals to a modern western trash culture breathed on daily. Building and redesigning the lost roots of a talisman, in today’s matrix and reflecting on the sense of belonging within a culture. Transmitting and perpetuating the narrative legacy of our complex juxtaposed universe where the planets shift, the ego stands and nature arises.
Every jewellery of Esky Safrash is handmade, keeping each piece unique with their little flaws and imperfections of manufacture. Handmade, not only delivers a precious and unique piece, it allows you to wear a process, a never-ending story of love, obsession, and desire; Choosing to wear a piece of energy coming straight from Esky Safrash's heart.